A business partnership is like a marriage. Even the best partnerships have problems that must be solved in order for the partnership and the business to succeed and grow.

You probably started out with a lot of excitement and the best of intentions for creating a successful business. You may have enjoyed many years of partnership and business growth.

However, things have become more difficult than you imagined. If you have a family business, the complexity of relationships and roles can really make things challenging.

Your business partnership is not running as smoothly as you want. You are worried that your business or your relationship is—or will be—at stake.

Common problems in business partnerships that impact your bottom line:

Communication problems. If your communication is difficult or has broken down, too much energy can be taken up trying to understand each other. Or, you’ve stopped trying to understand each other. Perhaps you can’t reach common ground or your decision-making styles differ.

Different or changing visions. It’s hard to have a successful business when your visions and goals conflict. If your business lacks a clear vision or your vision doesn’t match your partner’s, your business can suffer.

Workload or role conflicts. Perhaps you can’t seem to get clear or agree on roles. It could be that you feel that your business partner isn’t doing their fair share of work. Or, maybe you feel that your partner is micromanaging and interfering with your job.

Power struggles. You may find that you and your partner sometimes struggle for control over decisions. You disagree far too often and one or both of you want more say over what is happening.

Financial conflict and stress. Worrying about business finances or not agreeing with your business partner about how to manage them can strain your relationship as well as your business.

My experience as a psychotherapist, leadership coach, and organizational consultant have shown me that the more aligned you and your partner are on your business vision and the better you communicate as partners, the more successful your business will be.

I can help you:
  • Communicate effectively and work through disagreements, saving you time to run your business at its' best.

  • Clarify and develop a unified vision that can lead your business towards more success.

  • Develop a strong partnership in which you are clear about how you will work together and utilize each of your strengths for maximum gain to the business.

  • Determine your decision-making styles and how to use them for your business’s greatest benefit.

  • Establish clear and realistic expectations around roles and workloads, making your business run more smoothly.

  • Heal any past misunderstandings or resentments, and renew your commitment to succeeding in business together.

My work with you typically involves:
  • Initial conversation with each of you over the phone to determine if I can help you (free consultation).

  • Individual coaching sessions with each of you.

  • Assignments for you to complete between sessions with me to affect the most change.

  • Sessions with you and your business partner(s) with me as facilitator/coach.

  • Ongoing check-ins about progress.

  • Additionally, I sometimes use various psychometric assessments to assist with our work.

Improving your business partnership leads to more success in your business and greater satisfaction in your relationship.