Brett is personable, thoughtful, and works from a place of emotional intelligence that is imperative in leadership work and coaching. Coming from an industry not known for its imagination, she is refreshingly creative. Ultimately I credit Brett's guidance with the successful launch of a new quality improvement program for my unit as well as a more positive and inspired approach to my daily interactions.

Medical Director, Public Health Department

Brett facilitated a strategic planning retreat for the leaders of the UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine. She masterfully guided us as we reviewed our mission, goals, and emerging opportunities. Through a seamless process, we arrived at a clear consensus on three strategic initiatives, each with a dedicated champion, team, and detailed implementation plans. A year later, the plans have been translated into reality, enhancing the Center in immeasurable ways.  Thank you Brett!

Executive Director, Healthcare Organization

I worked with Brett for the better part of two years and gained a lot of value through our discussions, particularly in forging effective relationships with colleagues from all areas and levels in the organization. She helped me delve into feedback, identify key focus areas, and made sure I stayed on track as I tried to address them. She really helped me see things from different perspectives and consistently challenged me to push beyond my comfort zone. I especially appreciated her insightful assessment and thoughtful comments when I would ask her for advice on handling different situations.

Associate Director, Biotech Organization

Brett has helped me at various stages through my career, each contribution as important as the previous with an immeasurable return on investment. For example, when I first worked with Brett, I had the feeling I was not being heard at meetings. Brett helped evaluate my posture and presence, but more importantly, how to improve the manner in which I communicated.  By focusing on authenticity and clarity, it was easier for others to hear what I was saying. I can now command the audience if I feel that is what is needed! More recently, there is a big project with high visibility that I am kicking off. Intellectually everything seemed right, but I noticed myself holding back somewhat out of fear. Brett was able to walk me through my plans and my reactions to it, sharpening both my rollout strategy but most importantly providing the context of my emotions. Now I "observe" these feelings and don't react to them and have more firepower than ever for the project! I feel Brett has helped me to become a more effective and impactful version of myself

Physician Leader, Academic Medical Institution

As part of a career coaching program through work, I worked with Brett for 6 sessions over a 5-month period to take a look at the work I was doing in my current role and figure out what gaps I needed to bridge to advance in my career. Brett was very understanding, brought a fresh perspective to what I needed to do, and helped me think through tactically on how to grow and develop. I had a really great time working with Brett and would recommend her for anyone looking to take that next step in their career.

Manager, Tech Organization

I was initially leery whether or not coaching would be beneficial, but it was of enormous benefit. Brett’s style was very easy to work with, and her insight and feedback were invaluable. I had two very difficult issues that I had been struggling with, and Brett helped me to resolve both and put in place a very successful follow-up plan. Brett helped to guide me to some solutions and gain a much better perspective on the situation. This not only increased my confidence, but also helped me tackle some future issues more quickly. I highly recommend her.

Director, Healthcare Organization

Having Brett as a coach has been one of the most beneficial experiences of my life, both professionally and personally. She has an uncanny ability to sift past the symptoms of challenges and instead help diagnose the origins of those challenges, which has helped me focus my time and energy on larger goals rather than less important one-off situations. By keeping me focused on the bigger picture and objectives we've established, she has helped me recognize how to leverage my strengths into improving on my weaknesses, even beyond situations we have directly addressed. I greatly appreciate her patience, insight, and ability to empathize with multiple perspectives, and I will always value the wisdom she has shared with me.

Operations Coordinator, Public Education Department

I had the fortune of working with Brett as a coach when I was transitioning to a new leadership role, which involved a wider scope of responsibilities. Brett’s guidance helped me prepare for the transition, define my leadership style, and gain better focus and preparation for the new role. Brett was able not only to understand my challenges, but also to offer concrete ways to help me tackle them. I highly recommend her to those looking for an effective coach.

Physician Leader, Healthcare Organization

Brett is insightful and has a strong sense of purpose. She kept me focused on the most strategic methods to improve day-to-day support of my peers and direct reports. Additionally she has a good sense of humor. My work with Brett has resulted in more joy in my day-to-day approach to the challenges we face in the non-profit world of healthcare for the uninsured and underinsured. I learned better ways to succeed in reaching our company’s goals and skills to help me manage and lead in my role.

Physician Leader, Communty Health Organization

I was assigned to Brett Penfil as a coach through a leadership program sponsored by my organization. Never having worked with a coach, I was a bit skeptical. Brett completely reversed my skepticism. I found her support critical in my journey to step out of a professional rut and engage my work and being in a new way.

Executive, Healthcare Organization

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