Organizations provide an opportunity to connect, create, and contribute. Your organization or team likely delivers a product or service that you believe in, that adds to people’s lives, or possibly even saves them.

On the way to your organization’s end goal, however, there is much work to do. Successful leaders know that how how work is done largely impacts what what work is done.

You have to do and can do a lot as a leader on your own, but you know that outside guidance at this juncture will help you reach your vision.

You currently have a new opportunity that—if leveraged—will amplify your organization’s impact. Or, you realize an old problem has yet to be resolved and is making work difficult, unproductive, and decidedly gloomy.

Common organizational issues that you may be facing:

Lack of focus or opportunity to revise focus. It’s been awhile since your whole team intentionally and methodically took the necessary time to review vision, mission, goals, and strategic focus. Or, you are a new leader of an established team and want to reconsider the focus. Either way, without full commitment to a clear direction, your team’s progress will be stymied.

Unclear roles and processes. Perhaps roles and processes were never truly determined, or much has changed since they were. Work is being duplicated or dropped. Lack of communication is adding unnecessary complexity and hours of work to projects and timelines.

New team or challenging team dynamics. You want to kick-off a new team with clear goals, roles, and processes, and establish the foundation for solid relationships. Or, your team has had a setback in work or relationships and has not recovered.

Current or stalled change process. Your team tried to implement a change, but there was too much resistance to move it along. Or, you are at the beginning of a change process and want to ensure you set the conditions required for successful change.

I can help your organization or team:

  • Determine vision, mission, and strategy, enabling you and your colleagues to spend your time and energy in coordinated pursuit of your goal.

  • Clarify roles, responsibilities, and processes so that your team can work efficiently and without frustration.

  • Launch a new team with the foundational elements it needs to succeed.

  • Understand the underlying causes of your team’s ineffectiveness or upset and facilitate interventions to get the work and relationships back on track.

  • Establish a psychologically-informed and realistic implementation plan that enables your desired change to succeed.

  • Identify the reasons a change process is failing and apply strategies to get the process on track.

My customized work with you typically involves:

  • Initial conversation with you over the phone to determine if I can help you (free consultation).

  • Discussion and clarification of your goals.

  • Stakeholder interviews to engage the team and to understand the situation.

  • Feedback of summary interview data.

  • Meeting or intervention design.

  • Implementation of design.

  • Ongoing coaching and consulting throughout the engagement.

  • Review of progress and recommendations for next steps.

Improving how your organization or team works will improve the quality and quantity of work as well as the overall culture.