You may be having difficulty in your personal or professional relationships. You may be struggling to feel good about yourself. You may be suffering with intense emotional distress, sadness, worry, or anger.

Maybe you have already tried to deal with these feelings, but nothing has really helped. Or, maybe you are seeking help for the first time. Either way, you may feel nervous, ambivalent, or skeptical about starting psychotherapy.

You may think that you should be able to manage your feelings and challenges by yourself. But, you don’t have to. In fact, we are wired biologically to need another to help us feel safe, process our experiences, love ourselves, and develop meaningful relationships.

My many years of experience as a therapist have shown me that people can feel better and experience more contentment. Psychotherapy, and particularly the relationship you have with your therapist, can help you not only alleviate suffering, but also increase your internal capacities and resources.

Common issues you may be experiencing:

Relationship struggles. You have trouble starting or maintaining fulfilling relationships. Communication feels frustrating, ineffective, or confusing. You may feel lonely, whether you are in relationship or not.

Lack of confidence. You doubt yourself or don’t feel you’re good enough. You feel bad about yourself. Maybe others have told you that you need to “be more confident,” but you don’t know how to feel that.

Feeling lost. Though you have tried to identify what you want, you can’t figure it out. You’re not sure where to turn or what to do. You’ve lost your way, or maybe never really found it. You can’t really explain it all; you just feel lost.

Intense sadness. An important relationship ended or you received distressing news and are struggling to find your way through the pain. Or, you find yourself crying regularly and sometimes you don’t know why. You feel hopeless.

Unrelenting worry or fear. Your thoughts often return to concerns and worries. Though you have tried different ways to manage these fears, they intrude in your mind and get in the way of you enjoying your life.

Difficulty with anger. You often feel annoyed, irritated, or frustrated. You find yourself arguing regularly with people. Maybe you feel resentful. You don’t know what to do with angry feelings, or think you shouldn’t even have them.

Not trusting others. You may have never really felt safe with others. Or, maybe over time you’ve lost faith in others. You don’t know if you can fully trust anyone, and, thus, you end up trying to manage everything on your own.

I can help you:

  • Relate to others in ways that lead to more fulfilling relationships

  • Make sense of your feelings so they are not so overwhelming

  • Develop a stronger sense of yourself so you feel more confident

  • Feel safer and more secure in the world

  • Discover who you are and what you want

  • Experience a greater sense of freedom

My work with you typically involves:

  • Introductory phone call for you to sense your initial level of comfort with me and for me to obtain an initial understanding of your struggles.

  • Three to four sessions (in person) for you to see if you feel comfortable talking to me and for me to understand you more and provide you with my recommendation for working together.

  • Weekly or multiple times per week sessions.